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Big Buddha one day tour guide

2018-05-01 03:12:00

The Big Buddha, also known as the Big Buddha, is located at the temple on the east bank of the Minjiang River in the province, near the confluence of the Dadu River, Qingyi River and Minjiang River. The Big Buddha is the sitting statue of Maitreya Buddha, with a height of 71 meters, which is the largest cliff stone statue in China. The following introduces the Big Buddha one-day tour guide.


To the Big Buddha View area, the city can take the bus direct.


There are two ways to view the Buddha, one is to watch by boat, do not enter the scenic spot, directly buy a 50 yuan boat ticket.


The other is to enter the scenic spot, the ticket is 90 yuan per person, you can see the big Buddha up close. A warm reminder.