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Beef parts picture complete illustration

2018-03-01 03:12:00

The high nutrition of beef is known to many people, but the nutrition of meat in different parts of the cow is not the same, so the taste is naturally different. The following take you a minute to understand the various parts of beef, delicious parts are here, decisive collection. If you don't know, come and learn.


The cow


You can first look at the following picture, in the case of not too detailed points, the whole body of the cow meat can be divided into these 10 kinds, and because of the different position in the body also has its own characteristics, below to introduce it in detail.


The shoulder and tendon are located in the front and back legs of the cow, so the amount of exercise of the meat in these two places is very large, so it will be very chewy to eat, and the meat is generally tender, and the fat content is also very small, which is a good choice for people during the fitness period. Especially with spicy hot pot, or barbecue, the chewy meat is sure to make everyone addicted.


The two parts of the meat, brisket and rib, are almost no exercise, and most of the nutrients of the cow are stored here, so the meat here is very tender, fat, and naturally the most abundant place. Therefore, it is very suitable for doing some cooking dishes, not only easy to taste, but also very fragrant to eat, but if it is not handled well, it is easy to be greasy.


Flank and hind leg than the shoulder and tendon, these two parts of the meat is too hard, if only according to the usual practice to deal with, then the taste is very poor. Therefore, these two parts of the meat is more suitable for fried meat, fire stir-fry, you can taste, you can also make the meat become tender. However, if you want to do your own cooking, the belly and flank part of the meat or forget it, without professional treatment to make the taste is really very hard, and difficult to taste


Beef ribs, front loin, waist meat, back loin some meat is too oily, some too hard, and these parts of the meat is the most suitable, not to make fat cattle, or to make steak, or shabu and so on are very suitable. Because the meat quality here is moderate, and it is easier to taste and adjust, it can be said that the juice is delicious, and the mouth is melted, it is recommended that you can buy these meat to cook.