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Baby room layout + storage skills

2018-04-18 08:00:13

My baby is three years old, and I am obsessed with the car. Seeing more and more toys, I decided to transform the children's room as a mother, and round my childhood vision of the room

Coyoby toy storage rack

Getting rid of the unused bassinet, the baby bed is too small, and the hanger box, and finally clearing out one wall, which is what I'm thinking about for the children's room


² can hold a lot of things! This is important. Good storage can be more tidy, but also by example to develop a baby love to pack good habits.


² Safe! Easy not to fall, can't hurt the baby.


² To use friendly materials


² Multi-functional, baby things are too many, in addition to toys and story books, picture books, photos, space sand and so on can be put in.


I use the toy storage rack, as a storage rack, the space is very large, the shelf on the left side is layered, the ball is placed above and below the small car and building blocks, the shelf on the left can also put the baby's love story book, it is also easy to install, the overall arc, will not scratch the baby. END


This information comes from experience

ifam organizer

if-am organizer baby type, smooth surface, rest assured baby to take. Above is my experience, I hope to help the difficulty of the treasure mother. END