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Australia Shopping Guide

2018-03-03 11:12:00

The best of Australia is definitely clothing and homeware. Australia has a very unique style, one that shows a relaxed and casual way of life. The most unique thing about Australian designers is that they can really create a design world of their own, and these experimental design effects can be very interesting! In addition, Australian designers like to mix different natural fabrics, such as wool, leather and silk, to create clothes. In terms of beauty products, some of Australia's leading natural beauty brands are also exceptional, such as Jurlique, Aesop and other family-owned brands manufactured on lavender farms.


To Sydney, not to see the opera house is not to Sydney; Went to the opera house, did not visit the Victoria Building, that is also a pity, because there are many famous shopping buildings in the world, but the history is so long, the building is so beautiful, you can feast your eyes even if you do not buy a thing, here not only a dazzling array of goods, and the whole building is resplendent, is one of the most famous shopping malls in the world.


Melbourne Central Shopping is an urban leisure place, providing a variety of food, fashion, culture and entertainment services. Covering two city blocks, Melbourne Central Shopping features 300 extra shops showcasing Australian designers and international brands, with flagship brands to satisfy both shopaholics and those who only shop. Melbourne Central Shopping has opened more than 30 new stores, as well as several central business district specializations.


Opened in 1878, the Queen Victoria Market is not only Melbourne's shopping mecca, it is also a historic landmark, a famous tourist attraction and a place frequented by all Melburnians. There are fresh seafood and fruits and vegetables, and you can find ultra-cheap clothes, bags, toys, jewelry, avant-garde goods and all kinds of souvenirs.


For shopaholics, a visit to Sydney without a trip to the Rocks market is tantamount to walking out empty-handed. Located in a rocky area filled with classical 19th-century buildings, the small streets are set up with tents on weekends and transformed into a market of 140 stalls. The products sold are very quality oriented, and are not generally comparable with the main road goods sold on the street, such as artworks carved from the original stone, utensils carved from the original wood, hand-made stained glass supplies, hand-painted cloth bags and tablecloths. During the market, there are music and singing performances in the streets and streets of the Rock District, which makes the atmosphere everywhere full of festival!


Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre is a fashion carnival filled with irresistible food and pleasant gifts, with over 130 high quality brands selling designer fashion and home wear at huge discounts. The colorful streets are full of direct sales, lined with stylish boutiques offering design-time brands and a variety of budget-saving fashions.


London Street, built in 1937, is a unique scene in Perth. The houses on both sides of the street are built after the architectural patterns of Britain in the 19th century, full of strong British characteristics, fully demonstrating the nostalgia and reverence of Australians for their homeland. Today, this is a well-known commercial street in Perth, a variety of shops decorated fashion, inside a wide range of goods, is a good place for shopping and sightseeing.

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