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Around the road trip guide

2018-05-01 00:00:00

Take a road trip with the whole family on a weekend! We've got you covered. Everything is ready. Now you just need a sunny weekend! Baowushan Mountain, Lushan Lake, Liyang …………


Caoshan Slow City Route: Changhong Elevated - Jinwu Line - Jintan Avenue - S41 - X002 drive: 2 hours Caoshan Slow City: All over the mountains are Kelsang flowers, very beautiful, the flower sea is too lush, the visual impact is great.


Zhu Shan Lake route: Changhong Viaduct - S232 Drive: 1 hour Nighthawk pipe: Beside the mountain water, tree-lined, quiet environment. There are rooms built on the side of the hillside, and there are fishing rooms built on the water.


Route: The city - Huyi Expressway - Changshen expressway - Huyu expressway - drive: 3 hours of buildings and rain: continuous mountains in our envious eyes one by one, the breath in the wind sooths the lung that has been surrounded by city exhaust gas, a restless heart has long been hanging in the bamboo branches, hanging in the spring shoots that have just emerged.


Route: City - Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway - Drive: 1 hour bobo Ran: Just a short weekend, such a micro journey, Xijin Ferry is a good choice.


Route: The city - Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway - Changtai Expressway - Zhajiasu Expressway - Changtai Expressway - Drive: 3 and a half hours Nine wood: "Venice" reputation, a word broke the unique style of the city of the Dijiang Delta.


Route: The city - Hu-Rong expressway - Yangli Expressway - Drive: 1 and a half hours of buildings listening to rain: the world three clear moonlight night, two rogue is, the line of food.


Fuchun River route: City - Huyi Expressway - Changshen Expressway - Ring expressway - Drive: 3 and a half hours Purple tulip: stand on the bow alone looking at the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Fuchun River (small Three Gorges), like a scene of ink painting like scroll to show the eyes, let people temporarily put aside the secular troubles, linger in the mountains and rivers.


Liyang Wawushan Route: Changhong elevated - S239 - Liyang city direction - Private road drive: 1 and a half hour Tong Niya: in the mountains, listening to Lin Tao with birds singing, eyes looking with green water, walking tour, unlimited scenery, really can be described as a mountain show, everywhere to see the scene.