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Agricultural Bank k Treasure driver how to download

2018-02-27 17:36:00

The K treasure is divided into "second generation K treasure", "no drive type K treasure" and "drive type K treasure", when the Agricultural Bank of China just implemented online banking, some K treasure is required to download the driver, and now most of the bank's account manager to help you download a good certificate, as long as the K treasure plug in the page can be directly popped out, the use of online banking. That is to say, if you plug in K treasure can not jump out of the Agricultural Bank of China website, then download a driver, and then log in to the Agricultural Bank of China website online banking. The following explains how to download the Agricultural Bank's K-Bao driver: log in to the "Official website of China (ABC)", enter the home page, click "Personal online banking login" on the left, as shown below: Enter the "Personal online banking login" page, click "K-Bao Driver Download" under the toolbox navigation on the right, as shown below: Enter the K-treasure driver download page, from the "second generation K-treasure", "non-drive K-treasure" and "drive K-treasure" these three TAB to select the corresponding K-treasure driver download, as shown in the following figure: Following the "hold Qi" K-treasure download driver as an example, select the "non-drive K-treasure" TAB, select "Hold Qi", click the "Hold Qi K-treasure driver download" below, as shown in the following figure: Pop-up "File download" page, select "Save", as shown below: Pop-up "Save as" page, select the storage location (here the example is saved on the desktop), click save, as shown below: Find the drive installation file just downloaded, open the installation, as shown below: After the installation is successful, a successful installation window is displayed, and ICONS "China Online Banking Certificate Tool" and "China Online Banking Home Page" are generated on the desktop. At this point, the K-Bao driver installation is complete. As shown below: