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Aegean Sea travel guide

2018-03-18 17:36:00

The Aegean coastline is very tortuous, with many harbours, a total of about 2,500 islands. The islands of the Aegean Sea can be divided into seven archipelagos: the Thracian Sea Islands, the Eastern Aegean Islands, the northern Spolati Islands, the Cyclades Islands, the Saronic Islands (also known as the Argo-Saronic Islands), the Dodecanese Islands and Crete. Many islands or island chains in the Aegean Sea are actually extensions of mountains on land,


Satellite map of Aegean Sea


One island chain extends to Theo, another to Samos via Evian, and another from the Peloponnese via Crete to Rhodes, which separates the Aegean Sea from the Mediterranean Sea. Many of the islands have good harbours, but in ancient times the Aegean Sea was not very safe to navigate. Many of the islands are volcanic and have stone and iron ore.


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The largest island is Crete


Crete is the largest island in the sea, with an area of more than 8,000 k square meters, long and narrow, is the barrier of the Aegean Department. Crete has large areas of fertile arable land, but the other islands are less fertile. Most of the Aegean islands belong to Greece on the west coast, and a small part belongs to Turkey on the east coast.


Egina Island


Egina Island is the distance


Satellite photos of the Aegean Sea


The nearest island to Athens, just an hour and a half away. This was once a beautiful fairyland, where Zeus's most charming mistress hid, and perhaps the FIG trees all over the mountains were the fruits of their love. The man who really made Aegina famous was Salamis, who saved Greece. 2480 years ago, King Zelshi of Persia led a huge naval force into Greece, and the locust ships obscured the sun. The tiny city of Athens was in great danger, but the Greeks had their wise commander, Timostocles, who led his skillful sailors to destroy three times as many warships in the Salamis waterway and let the Greek sun rise again in the sky. The Aphia Temple, built at the end of the 5th century BC and the beginning of the 6th century BC, is a typical representative of the late Greek classical era.


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City of Artists


The island of Izra, a little more than three hours' flight from Athens, has long, clean alleys where donkeys ferry tourists leisurely. White walls, blue Windows and pink roofs make the island look more lovely. Small courtyard from time to time out a cluster of red flowers, purple flowers, lemon trees covered with bright yellow lemon fruit, heavy, pressure branches are bent. The transparency of the water here is the highest, and there are many bays on the coast that go deep into the island. These secluded places are good places for those who like to be alone to swim.


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White House forest


Poros is a beautiful island dotted with verdant lemon and olive trees that cover clear and bright white eaves. The buildings on the island are mainly white, the style is primitive, in the atmosphere of white walls from time to time revealed the beautiful flowers, in the clouds and waves, a stone paved path winding up, gradually far away, extended to the depths of historical memory.


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Counting windmills


Mykonos, marked by windmills, is synonymous with the Aegean islands. The narrow lane, the little White House, the red or green or blue doors and Windows, the little white church, and the windmills not far from the white Dome church by the seaside square, make it the best of the islands.


Aegean Sea


Mykonos is one of the Cyclades Islands in Greece and one of the most popular holiday islands in the Aegean Sea. There are very few people on the island, and for about half a year of non-tourist time, the island is quite quiet. After April, the tourist season begins, and tourists from all over the world flock to the island like migratory birds to enjoy the Mediterranean sun and beaches.


Walking around the island, it was strange to see that the roofs were all flat with large blocks of stone. After asking the local residents, it is known that the island is cold in winter and the wind is particularly strong, and only these strong roofs can protect against the wind. On a small hill by the sea in the southwest of the island, there are five Cycladze type windmills, which are the symbol of Mykonos Island.


Finally, see the most beautiful sunset from Mykonos to St. Trini by boat in about 5 hours. After arriving, I realized that many tourist brochures and travel agencies have recommended Mykonos Island and St. Trini Island as the first choice for tourists, which is not unreasonable. As soon as our tanker landed, we were surprised to find that the steep cliff of the sea was reddishness, and the top of the cliff was a White House, small and bright.