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About the problem of love, send something to the girl, the girl said promise me not to spend money, what does this sentence mean

2018-04-30 17:36:14

1, she accepted your things, and then told you to promise me not to spend money in a mess, which proves that she is not a material girl, her distressed money is hard won, she wants to go with you. Now where there are a few non-material girls, do not buy it is still angry, since you have the honor to meet such a girl you should cherish, treat her well, meet the festival still want to give her some gifts, this gift is not necessarily valuable, but express your love for her heart, try to take time to accompany her, if she has any difficulties with her side must be you, Cherish it. This girl deserves to be cherished. 2, if you have not determined the relationship, she said so, may be mouth, heart is still acceptable. 3, there is another situation is that girls think you are not the type I like, there is no need to spend money for me.