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A method for identifying the leather seats of Encore cars

2018-04-17 04:48:14

In popular terms, leather and fake skin due to similar treatment methods, resulting in the surface effect is very close and not easy to distinguish, but there are many internal physical properties have a great difference, leather permeability, tear and other physical strength, as well as aging resistance and feel better. The difference between the two is that the raw materials are not the same, the dermis is made of the animal skin after chemical treatment, and the fake skin is made of chemical fiber cloth after chemical treatment. Let's introduce what leather the car seat is made of, what leather is a key question, so let's first understand how to identify different kinds of leather? At present, there are many kinds of leather sold on the market, if you go to the leather goods market will let you see the eyes, do not know which is true, which is false, car seats, it is true that the fake technology is also very high now, now is not often heard that the place found a higher anti-counterfeiting technology RMB, make people panic, do not know whether they have fake in their pockets, ha ha, Off topic, come back, so, generally buy leather car seats inexperienced ordinary customers, are very difficult to see, at present, the market sales of leather products are mainly five kinds of leather. The main identification method is to grasp the "two look and one by", that is: one look at the pores, two look at the brightness, three by the feel. Its specific characteristics are: Method steps (1) Cowhide: cowhide leather surface pores are small, round, evenly distributed and tight, the skin surface is bright and smooth, the texture is delicate, the appearance is flat and soft, and the texture is solid and elastic when touched by hand. When selecting, if the leather surface is pressed hard, small folds appear. Leather products made from cow skin, if you do not look carefully, you can hardly see the bristle eyes. (2) Sheepskin: the pores of sheep leather are oblate, the pores are clear, and a few roots are formed into a group, arranged into a fish scale. The leather products made of sheepskin processing, the leather is delicate and soft, the surface is there, but it is not as bright as the cow products, and the leather surface is squeezed hard, and there is an obvious wrinkle. (3) Pig skin: pig leather pores are round and thick, three parallel into a group, arranged in a triangle, each group is far apart, and the leather surface is uneven. Even after polishing, it's recognizable. Leather surface rougher than cowhide, feel firm. (4) Horsehide: Rough look horsehide and cattle are somewhat similar, the appearance is smooth and delicate. However, careful observation, horse skin brightness is not as good as cow skin, dark color, oval pores, leather surface is loose and soft. Compared with sheepskin, horseskin is closer to sheepskin. The thickness of the skin and the size of the bristle eyes are quite similar to those of sheepskin. The key to the distinction is that horsehide is harder than sheepskin, feels bad, and the leather surface is uneven. Squeeze the leather hard, no pleats. A horse's hide breaks easily. (5) Artificial leather: also known as letter imitation leather. Because the current imitation leather products are made of polyurethane non-woven synthetic leather, they are close to leather products in appearance and can even reach the degree of "fake". Some criminals use imitation leather products as leather products to sell, in order not to be detected, often attach a layer of mixed leather at the edge of the imitation leather products interface, the interface leather is interlayer. This requires more careful identification and selection. Generally speaking, imitation leather is processed by applying chemical raw materials to the cloth. Imitation sheepskin appearance, feel like sheepskin, leather; The appearance and feel of imitation cowhide resemble cowhide. However, if you look closely, the skin surface has no pores, and the bottom plate is non-animal skin. Pressed hard, the leather will not fold.