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# To American makeup # pill beauty eye cream eye mask patch, this combination makes light lines more effective

2018-04-16 19:12:04

Beauty first beautiful eyes, how beautiful eyes, try to use pills.

Beauty comes before the eyes

When it comes to skin care, it's really time for nothing, especially eye care. "Old faces fade first, and old eyes fade first." In the composition of primary school students, our most common sentence is "This day, I suddenly found that my father (or mother, or teacher) eyes climbed crow's feet." Thus, beauty first beauty face, skin care first eye care. Therefore, for every person who loves beauty, the care of the eye skin is particularly important. END


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Eye cream base

I especially like Marumi eye cream. It gives people a comfortable feeling of ironing, "wet clothes to apricot flower rain, blowing the surface is not cold willow wind." "Like a fallen flower on the water, like a breeze on the strings of a piano." That feeling is really delicate, very relaxed. It is rich in a variety of nutrients, which can bring more comprehensive nourishment to the eye skin. It can effectively hydrate the eye skin, and sometimes the skin will be very thirsty, but we are suffering from no good way, Marumei as an eye cream, can help us effectively solve this problem. END

Supplementary film

Share a little more of mine, feel very effective and practical. I like the combination of eye cream and eye mask best, because I feel that the eye mask itself can promote the absorption of nutrients, and the shape design of Marumi's eye mask is also very reasonable. The use of this eye mask does not have that oily greasy feeling, it is very plain and simple, and the effect is obvious after personal use. The reason why I like the eye mask patch, there is another reason, is that it feels very convenient, practical, save trouble, gently stick, and stay away from wrinkles in comfort. END