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5858wan God of War BT version how to earn gold coins

2018-05-10 09:36:49

In the BT version of God of War, the consumption of gold coins is very large, usually buy drugs, return to the city props, strengthen transfer equipment need a lot of gold coins, the following to introduce you to an important source of God of War coins, mysterious garden.


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5858wan Kaitian Warlord BT version account


The mysterious garden is one of the daily tasks of the God of War, and it is also an activity dedicated to sending gold coins to everyone. As shown below, the entrance to the activity will be opened at 2 PM;


After entering the mysterious garden, first find two rose fields at the bottom of the map and automatically collect roses. There are two kinds of roses here: gold roses and silver roses, which are produced;


14:05 at the top of the map will refresh the garden BOSS, this time to kill it will drop a lot of gold ingots and roses, here the items are not belonging to everyone can pick up;


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The above is the detailed method of producing gold coins in the mysterious garden of the God of War, and basically the daily use of gold coins can be obtained here.

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