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3G car video terminal how to troubleshoot

2018-04-13 12:48:40

Note: Before installing SIM, please ensure that the selected SIM card meets communication requirements and can be used normally. For the selection of SIM card for vehicle equipment, please consult mobile or your local dealer. Open the SIM card cover, insert the SIM card into the slot and secure it. Do not insert or remove the SIM card when the device is powered on. To avoid device damage, install the host in a hidden location. During the installation, do not supply power to the device and ensure cable connection reliability. The power line is connected to normal power, and the ACC line is connected to the ignition switch, and the positive electrode of the power supply can also be connected (the positive electrode of the power supply will not provide automatic power saving function). The antenna of GPS is connected upward (sky), and there is no metal blocking or shielding above it; It is recommended to install the concealed area under the front windshield, under the trim panel under the rear windshield, and under the front dashboard. The GPRS antenna is recommended to be installed under the front windshield concealment, under the rear windshield trim or under the seat. Troubleshooting The host fault Check procedure: If the device indicator is off after the power supply is powered on, check whether the power cable is connected reliably or the fuse is blown. When the vehicle is in a building, a cave, a tunnel, or a tall building in a close distance outside the building, it will affect the reception of GPS satellite signals and GPRS communication network signals, resulting in equipment working disorder. When the vehicle is out of the above area, the equipment will automatically resume work. Not uploading location information for a long time; Check whether the local network signal is normal and whether the SIM card fee is sufficient; Check whether ACC detection line falls off; Check whether the GSM antenna is intact and whether the connector with the host is tightened; The GSM antenna cannot be placed in a fully enclosed or shielded area. GPS is not positioned for a long time, the newly installed GPS receiver initialization time is long, and it is normal to not locate within a few minutes. There should be no shielding above the GPS antenna. If the device is installed in the garage, please move the vehicle out of the garage and away from the canyon of tall buildings when the device is being debuted. Check whether the GPS antenna is securely connected to the host. Check procedure: Check whether the host device works properly. Check whether the cable between the host device and the display terminal is damaged and connected reliably. Check whether the display key is normal (there is a sound when pressing the key) and whether the MCU working indicator of the display terminal blinks normally. Check whether the cable between the display terminal and the display board is short-circuited or disconnected. Check whether the display terminal screen is damaged. Check procedure: Check whether the GPS antenna of the host device is reliable and correctly connected. Check that the GPS antenna position is installed in the correct position (no metal objects, can see the sky at least 90 degrees). Check whether the cable between the host device and the display is damaged (ensure that the display communicates with the host properly). Check procedure for abnormal information reception: Check that the screen can display normally when entering the menu interface (to exclude the information damage of the font chip). Check whether a buzzer buzzes after the display is delivered. If no buzzer buzzes, check whether the host device works properly (TCP is online and the location data point can be reported properly). If yes, check whether the chip that stores text information on the display is damaged (resulting in abnormal storage of information). The display displays communication interruption check procedure: Check whether the host device works properly. Check whether the cable between the display and the host is damaged. Check whether the communication chip of the display is damaged. Maintenance and warranty In order for you to use and maintain my products correctly, please pay attention to the following matters when using and installing: The product warranty period is twelve months, during the warranty period, the equipment damage caused by human causes is not within the scope of free warranty. Maintenance and replacement costs outside the warranty period need to be taken care of by the user. Do not insert or remove the SIM card when it is powered on to avoid damage to the communication module. Encounter abnormal phenomena, please do not repair yourself; We will not be responsible for damage caused by connecting non-original accessories or unplugging connections between components. Please do not use this device in a humid environment, especially when washing the car, be careful not to let water splash into the device. Only professionals can install the devices. Do not change the installation position of the devices. Users are not allowed to remove or change the installation position of the device at will. When using the car battery as the power supply of the welding machine, be sure to disconnect the power cord of the equipment, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.