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3D printer hot bed glass plate with high temperature tape method share

2018-04-24 03:12:01

Many small partners will encounter the problem of warping when printing high-temperature materials such as ABS. Previously, Xiaobian shared in the article that high temperature tape can be affixed to the glass plate of the 3D printer platform to effectively solve the problem of warping. However, when sticking high temperature tape, many small partners will find that the problem comes again: because the high temperature tape is very soft, it is easy to stick to the glass plate. Often lead to uneven paste, the production of bubbles and other situations appear. This greatly affects the aesthetics and print quality. The following Xiaobian will share with you the method of adaptation according to the three generations of film experience passed down from family.


1, high temperature glue 1 roll 2, detergent 3, 3D printer platform glass plate, 4, 1 utility knife 5, cup 1, 6, watering can 1, 7, scraper 1


Fill the watering can with dishwashing liquid and water. Spray the dishwashing liquid onto the glass platform and wipe it evenly.


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