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3 kinds of breakfast most easy to grow fat weight loss breakfast can not eat what

2018-04-04 17:36:47

How to eat breakfast is very important for the success of weight loss, so what can't you eat for breakfast if you want to lose weight? 1: Most of the traditional MM will choose Chinese breakfast, buy a pancake fritters to go to work. In fact, churros are very high in fat, with 220 calories per churros. Shaobao and youtiao are high-temperature fried foods. After high-temperature frying, they absorb quite a lot of oil, and the oil content is seriously exceeded, and the nutrients are destroyed, and carcinogens will be produced, which is not suitable for long-term use. 2, Western breakfast Many OL like to go to McDonald's, KFC, 7-11 to buy breakfast, such as: hamburgers, fried chicken wings, French fries and so on. Although delicious, western breakfast contains much more calories than Chinese breakfast. The amount of oil in the meat, chicken wings or French fries in the hamburger is seriously excessive, and it is not a fault that it is not accumulated into fat. What's more, with only a thin slice of lettuce in the burger, the vitamin supply is simply not enough to meet the body's needs. 3, snack breakfast office workers will be at home or prepare some snacks, such as snow cakes, cookies, chocolate, etc., in case of emergency, and even put them as breakfast. In fact, this is quite unhealthy. Most snacks belong to dry food, which is not conducive to digestion and absorption for the human body in a semi-dehydrated state in the morning. And the main raw material of biscuits and other snacks is grain, although it can provide energy in a short time, but it will soon make the body feel hungry again, and the blood sugar level will drop significantly near noon. Eating snacks for breakfast is easy to lead to insufficient nutrition, physical decline, causing bacterial invasion. Breakfast weight loss precautions NO1, after getting up first drink water and then breakfast is the healthiest after getting up first drink a cup and then eat breakfast is better. Experts pointed out that during the night's sleep, most of the organs of the human body are fully rested, but the digestive organs are still digesting and absorbing the food that remains in the gastrointestinal tract for dinner, and they really enter the state of rest in the early morning. If breakfast is eaten too early, it will affect the rest of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, after a night of sleep, the human body consumes a lot of water from urine, skin, and breathing, and the body is in a state of physiological water shortage after getting up in the morning. Therefore, people do not have to rush to eat breakfast, but should first drink a cup of warm water, which can correct the physiological lack of water, and has a washing effect on the organ, which helps to improve the organ function. NO2, breakfast should be eaten like dinner at least three types of food in the morning time rush, many people breakfast is more "deal with". In fact, breakfast should be eaten like a main meal. Experts point out that breakfast should provide 40% of the day's energy, lunch provides 40% of the day's energy, and dinner provides 20% of the day's energy. According to the lowest standard, breakfast should account for at least 20% of the day's energy, and the other two meals each account for 40% of the day's energy. Due to time constraints, breakfast is difficult to prepare as fully as dinner, but at least pay attention to food collocation, to provide protein and fat staple foods, to facilitate digestion of liquid foods (such as milk, soy milk). The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that, in a reasonable breakfast, the carbohydrate supply should account for about 60% of the total energy of the day, the protein supply accounts for 10% to 14%, and the fat supply accounts for 25% to 30%. In general, breakfast should contain 3 types of food: starchy staple foods such as steamed bread, bread, porridge, steamed buns, etc.; Foods rich in high-quality protein such as eggs, milk, soy milk, soy products, cooked meat, etc.; Fruits or vegetables. Ideally, add 1 tablespoon of nuts. Food varieties can be changed according to different appetites and constitutions. OL because the work is very busy all day, breakfast should be rich, the diet should contain rich protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, etc., the general staple food can be added milk or soy milk, so as to provide enough energy for the body and increase the weight loss battle of the day. Which breakfast is most likely to grow fat The most likely to grow fat breakfast have what breakfast to eat to lose weight What to eat a good one, milk and egg materials: milk, raw eggs, raisins, thumb bread put a raw egg directly into the milk, and then put some raisins, twisted mix evenly, with a few fresh thumb bread. If you are afraid of the smell of raw eggs, heat them in the microwave for 2 minutes. Second, nutritious soy milk materials: black beans, peanut kernels, corn residue, wolfberry, red dates (pitted), black sesame. The night before going to bed first grab a small handful of black beans soak well, after getting up with a few peanuts, as well as corn residue, wolfberry, seedless red dates, sesame seeds each small amount, pour together into the soybean milk machine, add, make soybean milk after cooking. Fruits and cereal ingredients: More than 3 kinds of fruits, cereal puffed foods or cereal with milk, cake cereal with milk may not be liked by many adults, but it is easy to digest. If you don't feel enough, you can make up 2 carbon baked cakes, as long as you buy them a little time in advance and prepare them. After fruit appetizers, being able to eat a little more is actually very useful for maintaining high energy throughout the day.