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2019 Province Adult Education

2018-03-04 16:00:00

Adult education: refers to the form of education that is different from the ordinary full-time teaching form. Adult education is not limited to age, gender. Through this educational process, people considered to be adults among the members of society are empowered, enriched in knowledge, improved in technical and professional qualifications, or directed in a new direction, and their attitudes and behaviour are changed in terms of both their overall human development and their participation in the balanced and independent development of society, economy and culture. There are four main forms of adult continuing education, which are higher education self-study examination (self-examination), network education (distance education), adult college entrance examination (learning forms include part-time, part-time, correspondence), and Open University (former radio and television university modern distance open education).


What is adult education?


With so many adults returning to the classroom, the term "adult education" has taken on a new meaning. In the broadest sense, adult education is any form of learning for adults that goes beyond traditional schooling and ends in the 20s. In the narrowest sense, adult education is about literacy - adults learning to read the most basic materials. As such, adult education covers everything from basic culture to personal achievement as a lifelong learner and even reaching an advanced degree.


Does an adult college degree work? Read it and you'll understand! It's time to answer your question again, I believe since our country has adult education, "Adult college useful?" This is certainly one of the most frequently asked questions. People often tell me: "They say that adult college is not useful, units do not recognize." I'd love to know who "they" are. It seems very professional. I'd love to meet them. If you ask a farmer, does an adult college work? I'm sure he'll say it's no use, because you don't need a degree to farm. If you ask a brick man, does an adult college work? I'm sure he'll say it's no use, because you don't need a degree to move bricks. If you ask a business, adult college is useful? I'm sure he'd say it doesn't work, because you don't need a degree to run a business.


But compared to high school education, adult college is still a grade stronger. Education this thing, must be the higher the better, do not believe the ability of education is not important this bullshit. There is a large actually does not approve, they ignore you today, tomorrow let these children can not reach! For the question of "Is adult college useful?", the academic degree specified by national regulations can be effective in various occasions, so it is not necessarily useful in the workplace or in the examination room.

Matters needing attention

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