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2018 Student Recommendation List

2018-04-08 04:48:32

"Children are always playing in secret! It's irritating!" "My children are playing now, why don't they listen to advice!" "He was constantly on the phone, playing wherever he went, and never letting go of any spare time." The relationship with parents seems to be getting worse and worse, the state of water and fire. But if you think about it, it's just technology. What's wrong? Wrong in this day and age? No, no, no, going back to the source, the problem between parents and children themselves seems to be particularly obvious. Do parents take their children seriously at ordinary times? Is there time for good children to play? More parents are speechless, please face the root cause of the problem. As for the children, there is no need to say more. The child is still young, physical and psychological development, self-control is weak, poor ability to distinguish right from wrong. Do you want to put all the blame on the child? Therefore, if parents are too busy with work to look good, choose carefully. Like choosing a student with good control ability.






I. Intelligent science students can guide students to conduct time management. The biggest difference between children and adults is that adults are more rational and self-disciplined, able to arrange their time reasonably, but children are not, the younger the children, the worse their self-discipline, often play and forget the time. Students have the function of time management, parents can set the use of time for children, you can use intelligence in non-study, non-class, non-rest time, guide children to develop good habits, habits change a person's life.


Second, effectively isolating students can prevent children from coming into contact with bad information. A clean environment is more conducive to physical and mental growth, and the network environment also needs to be clean, especially for children who are still able to establish the ability to distinguish between good and bad. Green network students with a huge database of bad information, can filter bad text, video, picture information, whether it is playing games, or watching videos, to create a clean space for children.


Third, safe positioning Students can check the location of the child at any time. Ordinary intelligence is limited to the positioning function for the protection of personal privacy considerations, but for children, the positioning function can be deeply developed, students can not only check the location of the child at any time, but also set up an electronic fence, beyond the security range of the alarm.

Matters needing attention

If you don't think it's necessary to buy something for your child and refuse to use it, it's a big mistake. Is our current social development trend, one side of the prohibition, the negative impact is likely to be more serious.


Children are the future of parents and the pillars of the motherland. We must do our best!