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2016 latest iherb online shopping guide

2018-03-03 20:48:00

iherb is a popular mother and child website for overseas shopping. Introduce the latest overseas shopping strategy in 2016


Click iherb to go directly to the Chinese interface. Do not directly enter the Chinese interface is the English version, click to switch to the Chinese version


In the top right corner, my account. To register a new iHerb account, enter your email address and password


Registration login page, enter the registration email, password, submit


After login successfully, enter the "My Account" home page. You can directly enter the English or Chinese keywords in the search box to find the brand name.


Click the link to go in, you can view the weight and amount of the product, click "Add to cart" after you come to the shopping cart interface:


If you are ready to purchase, you can click on the top right corner to view the shopping basket. Before settlement, enter the promo code to get a more favorable price. You can fill in the promo code in the box below the form and click Update on the right. Promo code: WMR142, save if you can, don't forget.


About: the following choice of transportation information, it is recommended that which is cheap to use which, now there are two kinds, one is UCS united Express, one is currently UCS over 40 US dollars free mail, along with 40 US dollars as long as 2 US dollars, urgent can choose, do not hurry to choose UCS


After confirming that the amount is correct, let's click checkout and enter the address filling page. The filling example is as follows:


After filling in the address click next, the identity verification page appears, must be real and effective, is the recipient's own


Click to submit the order, the settlement interface will appear, here we can see a variety of payment methods, Tenpay, credit card payment, here of course, highly recommend payment, real-time exchange rate, convenient and fast


After clicking, you will enter the final order confirmation interface. The following figure shows the order details of the goods you purchased. After confirming the error, click Submit order to enter the payment page


After the verification is completed, wait for the iherb to be shipped, and receive the goods, generally 10-15 days to arrive.

Matters needing attention

It should be noted that the latest preferential policy of iherb has been changed, and the new preferential policy is $5, without the previous limit of $40, which is convenient for everyone to shop at will