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2015 Chinese medicine practitioner examination review methods

2018-04-02 17:36:06

A good learning method coupled with a serious learning attitude is the key to learning success, the following summary of the Chinese medicine practitioner examination review methods, I hope to help you.


The key point of 2015 Chinese medicine practitioners sprint preparation exam is to systematically review the knowledge. Systematically review the notes organized by myself or the key points taught by the teacher, so as to deepen the understanding and consolidation of the key contents of the exam. Wait until a few days before the exam, is also the final stage of Chinese medicine practitioners to prepare for the exam review, mainly for the focus of the textbook to review, to understand the content of the memory, in order to achieve the true mastery of knowledge.


Sprint method one, review frequently. Since it has come to the stage of preparing for the examination of Chinese medicine practitioners, we must review frequently. People forget what they have learned first quickly and then slowly, first more and then less. The most severe moment of forgetting occurs in the first day after memorization, even in the first few hours and minutes. So frequent review to consolidate the knowledge can play a multiplier effect. Second, good induction. Organized knowledge is easier to remember than disorganized knowledge. You must have summarized a lot of knowledge points in the long preparation process before, and summarized and sorted out these knowledge points. So now we must try to make the knowledge points in the mind to form a clear hierarchy, logical rigorous knowledge system, which is undoubtedly important for maintaining memory.


Adjust the mentality first of all, we must correctly understand the Chinese medicine practitioner exam, the doctor exam is the industry access exam. That is, if you want to enter the ranks of doctors, you must pass the doctor's exam, so we must understand it correctly from the attitude. And you know you have to pass this exam. We can't practice medicine until we pass the Chinese Medicine Practitioner examination and get the license. Second, we do not blindly evaluate ourselves because the medical exam is important. Any success is a process of continuous accumulation, from quantitative change to qualitative change. Did not pass the exam also do not be too discouraged, depressed, should find reasons from their own, summarize the lessons of failure next time efforts to put into action believe that there will be returns. Of course, candidates who pass the Chinese medicine practitioner exam should not think that they are strong, anything will be done, and there is no need to continue to learn, in fact, we are far from the real medical level.