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2012 Spring Festival free travel guide

2018-04-03 08:00:43

Bay - full of human flavor and life of the protagonist is naturally the sea, from the heart to walk to the sea in just ten minutes. This is not the first time I have seen the sea, but I still feel shocked, divided into bay, Asia and big, each place of the sea gives people a different feeling. The bay adjacent to the city is full of life, the sea here is full of human touch, gentle and clean. There are many residential areas around, every night, every empty lot in the seaside garden, there are local residents' entertainment projects, playing, singing, dancing, poker mahjong, people's nightlife because of the sea and more romantic and comfortable, walking in the evening bay, my mother and I could not help but join the ranks of the people dancing, accompanied by the sea breeze and waves beat, Who can bear to play with the heart

Coconut umbrellas by the sea

However, there are a large part of the residents of the Northeast, most of them are coming to the elderly, because of the mild climate and simple customs, it is the second place in Asia. Suddenly my life goal has one more: let mom and dad hair gray can also enjoy the old time at the seaside! 1. If you live in the city, it's a ten-minute walk to the beach. 2, Bus 8 along the bay, from the airport to the city also need to take the 8 car, section charges, ready to change their own coin, no change. 3, the bay beach is open to the public, free oh. END

Big - a paradise for swimmers

The next day, we were in a hurry to enjoy another style of the sea, but the sea here did not give me too much surprise, the shoal area densely packed with swimmers, although a little interference with the natural scenery of the sea, but also lively. Because it is the place where swimmers are most concentrated, commercial development is more full, the rental of seats on the beach is also more expensive, 100 yuan a unlimited time, and businesses that provide photos, speedboats and diving are constantly inviting us. So big did not give me too good impression, bought a pile of coconuts, sat under the beach sun umbrella began to enjoy, an afternoon in the fragrance of coconut, sea breeze and beach girls played in the sound, I am more like a spectator, this moment of time are silently recorded, careful collection. END

Speedboat loading - Lovers Bay coral Island

Then the diving still gave me a lot of surprises this afternoon, Valentine's Bay is nearby, the diving club took us there by speedboat, all the way through the fishing family gathering area at the inlet of the river, to the coral island of Valentine's Bay, the diving instructor will guide you every step of the action, if you are fit enough to dive deeper, You can have the honor and red coral and small fish to a close contact ~ Tips 1, bus 2 to the station, 8 to the square station to get off, get off directly to the sea, do not enter from the square, otherwise it will cost 30 oh. 2, there is no place to change the swimsuit at the seaside, the local people set up the seaside "changing room" charge is very expensive, it is recommended to wear directly or go to the seaside summer department store bathroom to change clothes ~~ 3, the seaside by speedboat 15 minutes charge 200, not bargaining. 4, diving 280 yuan per person, you can bargain, my mother and I talked about 100 yuan per person, and is a speedboat to lovers Bay diving, even the speedboat also sit together. Diving pay attention to the depth and shallow price is different, the physical condition is not recommended to play oh. END

Asia - the purest sea

The legend of Asia is the most beautiful sea location, Asia is far from the city, my mother and I arrived all the way to find that the most beautiful beaches here have been divided by the major stars of the seaside wine, so, that only a little left to pay for the people of the beach or really surprised me, the sea is really too clear! The color of the whole sea is layered, the water that can kiss your feet is transparent and clear, and then light blue, dark blue, light green, turquoise... Extending to the distance and the blue sky, even my mother shouted excitedly: This is simply the heaven of the sky and the sea! The beach is pure white, sandy and delicate, people can not help but want to lie down close, in the sand on the beach buried themselves, you can sleep on a beautiful nap ~~~ ~ No wonder Uncle Ge will choose a thousand thousand to choose Asia as "If You are the One" location shooting, such scenery, then numb people also have to surrender to romantic emotions, obediatically enjoy this short and leisurely seaside afternoon time.    1, Bus No.15 to Asia, the price is 5 yuan, bring your own change. Or to the bus station to take the tour bus, from the size of the Dongtian to the subsea world, stage charges. 2, the beach has a rental lounge chair can bargain, generally 20 to 30 yuan, individual can talk about 10 yuan. 3, do a fishing boat to see red coral near the sea island, the price per person 50~80 yuan. END

Travel precautions

The purpose of tourism is mainly to play good, how happy how to walk, but be sure to pay attention to safety, cheap jewelry, but some monopoly prices will be slightly expensive, some old ladies in Newport will also put some crafts to sell, no different from the monopoly, the price is a lot cheaper, you can choose. Generally speaking, the crafts made by coconut shells, simple workmanship, the price ranges from one to fifteen yuan, the price is too high, you can turn around and go, do not add to the collection, but by some special materials made of crafts, such as rosewood, agarwood made of crafts, do not know much should pay attention to ask for invoices, to avoid being cheated. END