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140㎡ new Chinese decoration style, advanced gray rendering, calm and clean

2018-04-07 14:24:20

This is a set of 140 square meters of new Chinese decoration case, the whole to high-grade gray and calm wood tone, dry and clean, a whole side of the restaurant storage wall, to meet the function of storage and display. The addition of blue gives the bedroom a different flavor.


Area: 140 square meters


Style: New Chinese


Opposite the entrance door is a porch wall made of white tiles combined with wood finish, giving the space a time precipitation.


The whole is dominated by high-grade grey and calm wood tones, with excellent lighting, creating a simple and clean atmosphere. The black and white color system is simple without losing the texture, and after the integration of Chinese soft decoration elements, it gives a deep and quiet awe.


The balcony creates a small tea room, which is more interactive with the living room.


Standing on the balcony looking at the guest restaurant area, Chinese characteristics of wall decoration, tiles and stone lions and other elements adorn each functional area, showing the beauty of levels.


The dining room continues the style of the living room and perfectly combines the western kitchen and the dining table. A whole side cabinet is designed next to it to meet the functions of storage and display. The kitchen walls and floors are made of grey imitation cement bricks, with minimalist white cabinets, which is clean and modern.


In the master bedroom, the designer retains the tone and style of the original furniture, so that the entire sleeping space perfectly accommodates the original furniture, which is not obtrude, but highlights the unique charm of the new Chinese style. The background wall of the bed is a mysterious lake blue, which can create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for the space. The bedside background wall is decorated with a black ink painting, embellished to the point.


The walk-in cloakroom of the master bedroom has a reasonable layout, clean and orderly, and fully meets the needs of the owner's clothing storage.


The daughter's room is dominated by elegant light blue, which blends with logs and white, making the space full of gentle beauty. In order to improve the storage function, the use of extra space customized tatami, reading and playing in the sun is also very comfortable.


The study room, with an open, large bookshelf design, can accommodate the couple's part of the frequently read books. The design of the black-framed glass sliding door is stylish and modern, ensuring the permeability and brightness of the space.


The bathroom adopts the black thin edge long iris glass sliding door, which not only introduces the natural light source for the cloakroom, but also ensures the privacy of the bathroom to a certain extent. Light gray tiles and white bathroom cabinets make the small space clean and simple.