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10 small details to protect car paint from damage

2018-05-10 06:24:27

The biggest natural enemy of car paint is bird droppings, gum, acid rain, iron powder, etc., which not only affects the beauty of the car but also affects the service life of the car paint, and driving on the street, can not avoid bumps and bruises, there will be a lot of paint problems


The paint coating technology is the latest generation of car paint protection technology in the world. The real automotive coating should be an inorganic coating, that is, a crystal glass coating that will never oxidize. So how can we make the paint film bright forever


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1, pay attention to foreign body impact. When the vehicle is moving beyond some trucks carrying coal, ore, stone, iron debris or slag, it should choose a wider section of the road to overtake, and do not follow it or overtake it when the two bodies are very small.


2, skilled driving technology is to protect the body paint film. Skilled driving techniques can avoid mechanical damage to the paint film caused by scratching and rubbing when the vehicle is driving on the road and shunting in the parking lot.


3, avoid contact with corrosive gases. In areas with poor atmospheric quality and frequent acid rain, try to drive as little as possible on rainy days to avoid the damage of electrostatic dust and acid rain to the paint film. Can not directly contact with acid base and various organic solvents.


4. Park in a safe environment. When traveling, do not park on the roadside or in small alleys, it is best to have a garage for parking at home, if not to park in the open, it is best to cover the car cover, which can reduce the chance of paint film damage.


5, do not expose the paint film in the sun, because the ultraviolet rays in the sun will destroy the paint film. Although the UV resistance of the current car paint film is getting better and better, it still cannot completely resist the damage of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, if the car is not used for a long time, it is best to put it in the garage or cover the car (the car cover should be light colored).


6. Beware of insects. Summer, autumn evening or night driving, the paint film will be accompanied by many small insects, most of these small insects secrete acidic substances, if not timely removal of its secretions and corpses, the paint film will appear many small spots, difficult to restore the original state. Guano also contains a lot of acidic organic matter, if accidentally contaminated should be cleaned up in time.


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8, regular car washing is an important means to protect the paint film. Regular cleaning of the vehicle can remove all kinds of attachments on the car body in time. Oil stains can be wiped with neutral detergent; Adhesive can be used special adhesive cleaning agent


To wipe; Asphalt and other things can be dipped in gauze with fine polishing liquid to wipe, but remember not to use organic solvents; For some foreign bodies with strong adhesion, do not rub vigorously, and then remove them after the blister is soft.


9, often waxing is also an important way to protect the paint film. The unique components in the paint film protection can effectively resist ultraviolet light, acid rain, electrostatic dust, water stains, etc., and the paint film looks brighter after wax


Bright. Waxing should be classified according to the different paint film, otherwise it will backfire. If you can not distinguish the functions of various wax, you can go to the professional wax, do not wax on the roadside.


10, to prevent the production of water stains. In some areas, the mineral content of the water is very high, and light water marks will be left after the car wash, therefore, the water must be dried after the car wash; Accidentally stained with sewage, salt water should be washed away as soon as possible.